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Welcome to one of the best domestic rugby clubs in Newcastle, NSW offering coaching, life-long membership,
and everything you need to get into the sport or continue playing it as an amateur or a professional.

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Latest Match Verdict

Our club keeps hosting multiple matches between in-house and other clubs teams to keep the spirit of sport and competition alive. Here are the scores of the latest match we conducted.

The Jackstarp Boys

V/S 3-10

The hosts beat the guest team with 20 points.

One Kick Wonders


Upcoming Matches

Every year we conduct several matches to encourage healthy competition. Additionally, these matches train our squad members to perform well as professionals and learn tricks of the sport.

About The Sports

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Sharing The Spirit of Rugby

The Griffin Newcastle Rugby Club is an inclusive and safe space for people who love the sport to practice and compete. We are committed to providing the best training, memberships and support to U12s, U18s, U21s and other groups.

Our Mission

Our biggest mission is to increase support and awareness for rugby by encouraging communities in Newcastle and New South Wales to participate more. We want to help anyone child, teen or adult that loves the game to be a part of it in any capacity possible.

Our Vision

To reach as many people as possible and make them fall in love with rugby or promote their love for the sport sustainably. Thus, we offer multiple membership programs; have different squads according to skill levels; and certified coaches.

Our Values

We remain a beloved rugby club in Newcastle, NSW due to our integrity, transparency, and passion. We encourage people to watch and enjoy the games without making them obligations. Everything we do, we keep sustainability in mind to ensure fans can enjoy the sport like no other.

Complete Experience

Want to have a complete experience of the game? At our club, you can get an introduction to the various aspects of Rugby. You can participate, compete or simple observe to your heart’s content.

Win Accolades

For kids and adults into professional Rugby, wining accolades is important to further their careers. At Griffin Newcastle, we provide training, encouragement and technical support to anyone interested in playing Rugby professionally.

Skilled Coaches

Learn about the sport and play it under the guidance of some of the best professional ruby players turned coaches. To further the cause of Rugby, we have a team of qualified teachers.

Begin With Us

Do you have a child interested in learning the sport? We accept membership of kids as young as five. You can enrol in our club as the parent/guardian of the child to start their membership through you.


The Griffin Newcastle Rugby Club is a renowned name in the sports industry because we have produced multiple local and national Rugby stars. Since the clubs inception in 2010, we have played a major role in spreading and strengthening the influence of Rugby in Newcastle, NSW.

Raise Awareness

Our club with its qualified team of coaches, social media managers and squad members has worked hard to raise awareness about Rugby in Australia. We do our best to keep lovers of the game informed about upcoming events, matches, meets, and other things happening in the local and national world of Rugby.

Raise Awareness

Bring Focus

We understand the importance of introducing kids to the sport to start them young and to do so, we host multiple tours and invite families to matches. It helps us bring focus to the sport and encourage everyone to partake in it as a fan or a player. We welcome people of all ages to explore the sport and enjoy it.

Bring Focus

Recognising Talent

Over the years, our club has spotted kids, teens and adults with a knack for Rugby via sport meets, recreational games, and other events. Our certified and skilled coaches also conduct tests to understand the level of anyone interested in becoming a member of the club and put them in the right squad for honing their skills.

Recognising Talent

Increased Participation

We believe in boosting the skills and confidence of our club members to help them participate more in local and national matches. We train our squad members even if they are a member for recreational purposes how professional Rugby players train. Therefore, we can say through our services, we increase participation in the sport and popularise it among the masses.

Increased Participation


We love documenting sessions, training, members and anything that happens at the club. These photographs add to memories

Meet Our Coaches

We have a policy of hiring only former professional Rugby player with extensive experience of coaching young and adult players. Thus, we have the some of the best teachers in the industry.

Andres Cooper

Head Coach

Rem Talon

Senior Coach

Philip Crews

Senior Coach

Jack Bunting

Senior Coach

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Keep yourself up to date with the latest developments, announcements, nominations, schedules and everything else related to the club.

Roles & Responsibilities Of President & Vice President Revised

To keep up with the changing times and demands of club and squad members, we revise the roles and responsibilities of executive club position holders. For 2022, we have done so for the elected president and vice president. If you name is being nominated, please make sure to learn about the revisions.

Executive Club Positions Open & Nominations Open

Every year in the month of January, the nominations for executive club positions are open. The window to nominate your candidate of ten days and afterwards voting is conducting. Usually, these positions include president, vice president, squad captains, game day manager and many others.

Schedule For Local Rugby Matches Up!

Want to know when you can see your favourite local rugby team play? Have a look at the club’s recent schedule for matches in 2022. Using this information you can make plans to participate or watch the events with squad members, family or friends.

"Champions keep playing until they get it right " -Billie Jean King


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