Coaching At Griffin Newcastle Rugby Club Is Serious Business!

Every year, our club enrols multiple lovers of the sports. Some are looking for fulfilling their passion for the sport while other need training for becoming professionals. Whatever the requirement of our club members, we have made a team of ten of the best coaches the city of Newcastle has to offer. Our team comprises of Head Coach Andres Cooper, three senior coaches and other coaches with extensive experience and training.

All our coaches were hired after a stringent background check and examination of their careers to provide the best guidance to very club member. Our teachers are well-versed in training and supporting young athletes and adults who are interested in playing Rugby professionally or recreationally. All our coaches have over 10 years of professional experience and further qualifications to coach teams safely. Our mentors are dedicated to increasing the influence of the Rugby across Newcastle and New South Wales. Therefore, they work tirelessly to encourage talent and passionate players to play as much as they can.

Here are some more reasons why you or your ward will get the best coaching at the Griffin Newcastle Rugby Club.

  • Our teachers welcome club members from all walks of life and abilities.
  • They have challenging yet fun training methods that make the sessions educational and exciting.
  • Besides educating members about the sport, our coaches also focus on nutrition, injury prevention, confidence building, leadership, teamwork, self-esteem and other aspects.

Team Management

Team management is a skill our coaches teaching at all levels have. They understand the importance making each player comfortable in a group environment. Since Rugby is a team sport, management of its every aspect is crucial for our mentors.

Conduct Workshops

Besides providing training sessions for club members interested in playing rugby professionally, our coaches conduct a host of workshops for raising awareness, supporting and teaching more about the sport. These workshops are open for members, families, friends, guardians and anyone interested in Rugby.

One To One Coaching

For promising athletes with potential to make a great career as a professional Rugby player, our head and senior coaches offer one to one coaching sessions. These sessions are incredibly effective at developing skills of talented players and help them make a dent in the sport by shining with their abilities.

Group Coaching

Since rugby is a team sport, you can thrive in an environment where groups of people with same abilities and ages can experience the sport and learn it from experts. Most of our squad sessions are conducted with everyone present as it helps the sport remain inclusive, build a community, and help players develop a sense of belonging.