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The Griffin Newcastle Rugby Club is an inclusive and safe place for children, teens and adults. Here those aspiring for a professional career, wanting to be a support of the club and game or young ones wanting an introduction to the sport can enrol and become a part of something greater.

What Is Required For Membership?

Adults wanting to join our support squad don’t need special skills or abilities to play the game. This squad accepts anyone who was a former player or is a fan of Rugby without any requirements. For Development & Performance Squads the following things are required.

  • You need to be fit buy not marathon fit to play the sport.
  • Having the ability to run a lap or two is crucial. But, don’t worry if you cannot do more than that because after our sessions your abilities will improve drastically.
  • You don’t have to have the capacity to bench press 300lbs but you should be able to bench press at least 30 lbs.
  • Join a gym for weight training and exercising for better stamina and strength.


When you join our club, we will provide a full list of gears you will need for being a club member. If you have them then great otherwise you can purchase them at the club as we have them in different sizes.

Sports Spirit

Whether you want to enjoy the sport or play it professionally, you will need a spirit for the sport. To fully participate in the club, you need to be passionate about the game and everything else associated with it.


Like with sport, patience is a virtue of great value. Thus, we encourage our club members to always remain level-headed and calm during games. It is necessary whether they are playing or watching.

Things You Can Enjoy As A Club Member

  • Regular sessions and training with our coaches to hone your skills, develop talent or simply learn more about the game you are passionate about.
  • Enrol you child or a ward to help them train for a professional career in Rugby or remain athletic.
  • Get access to the club resources like play areas, exercise equipment, gears, and much more.
  • Rights for choosing nominees, voting, being a part of meeting, furthering the influence of Rugby and much more.
  • Yearly membership providing unlimited access to the club premises during business hours.
  • Belong to a community of Rugby lovers with the same interests and passions as you.

Contact Us

Get in touch with our representative via call or email. Alternatively, come to our club and get a personal tour before joining us.

Latest Developments

Become a member to stay abreast with latest developments, events, projects, and everything else.