Squads & Championships

Hurry! Become A Griffin Newcastle Squad Member!

Whether you are interested in playing professionally, as a hobby or generally supporting the game, you need to register with us and we will assign a squad to you based on your abilities and skills. Here are four squads, created based on age, skills, basic knowledge and other factors. Here is everything you need to know about the different groups in the Griffin Newcastle Rugby Club.

Junior Squad

The junior squad is ideal for children interested in Rugby and want to learn to play it safely in a secure environment. Since members of these squads are minors, they can enrol with us with the help of their parents or a guardian. This squad consists of members between the ages of five to nine years. But if we get someone under the age of 12 or 15 years, with only basic knowledge of the game, we may put them in the junior squad until their skills develop further.

This squad is still expanding, as it was only introduced in 2018. But, our coaches are dedicated to providing the best services and support. So, if you have a kid looking for Rugby training from professionals, get in touch with us now.

Development Squad

For children over the age of 10 years, we have the development squad. Kids with some training and knowledge of the game are put in this squad and it is the best group to be in when your child is thinking of playing the sport professionally. Like in many other sports, starting young is an advantage as skills are easier to learn. Unlike for the members of the junior squad, we recommend members to attend at least three or more training sessions. We schedule more than 6 every weeks ensuring flexibility. Once junior squad members attain better understanding of the game and skills, they are moved to this squad allowing them to learn the next steps.

Performance Squad

Club members over the age of thirteen and with talent are admitted to the performance squads as the coaches especially train the members for a professional Rugby career. Most of our local and national stars are part of this group and it consists of U-15, U-18 and U-21. This squad’s the most number of sessions among other squads and it is managed by head coach. For getting in this squad, you need to clear a test made by our head coach that helps ascertain your capabilities and skills. You need more than basic skills and raw talent to get in this group.

Support Squad

Former or retired players, fans, and anyone who wants to remain a part of the game and increase its significance is in the support squad. This squad is also for players who played professionally through the Griffin Newcastle Rugby Club or any of our funding clubs. This group is the one that is usually up for handling newsletter updates, voting, nominations and annual meets. The squad is also the one for old teammates and new supporters. For this group you may or may not have played the game professionally and can be of any age.

Belong Somewhere

Join a sqaud now to become a part of the Griffin Newcastle Rugby Club & feel a sense of belonging.

Maintain Fitness

Playing Rugby is not only good for maintaining your love for the game but also to have great mental and physical health at all times.

The Best Coaching

Whatever squad you belong to, we will ensure you get the best coaching and support compared to any other Rugby Club in Newcastle, NSW.